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Licensing question?

May 19, 2014 at 3:09 PM
OK, I'm a bit confused. I had created an app for my employer using this DotNet.Highcharts module and I love it (thank you!). But then one day, I stumbled upon and the licensing page there and got confused, because the licensing there totally restricts commercial use, whereas the one here does not.

Am I to assume that your module is under this MIT license because you incorporated the Javascript Highcharts version 3.0.1, which itself was under a less-restrictive free-for-commercial-use license (and now, apparently, it's not) ?

Here I was all set to go search for a substitute for your module, when thankfully, I pulled it up in Visual Studio's NuGet interface first and clicked there to view the license! I get the impression that I'm "OK" and don't need to uninstall it and swap it out of my app. But I want to be sure.
May 20, 2014 at 7:52 AM
DotNet.Highcharts is free wrapper tool which you can use to generate Highcharts in your web application. But Highcharts itself has a license. So, if you want to build chart with DotNet.Highcharts module you have to consider which Highcharts license you will use.

Did I answer to your question?
May 20, 2014 at 1:00 PM
Hmmm…. So then, I take it that Highcharts has had that sort of licensing all along, even on the version 3.0.1 that Visual Studio is telling me DotNet.Highcharts version 2.0 is using?

The misleading thing is that the NuGet Package Manager (GUI) built into Visual Studio has a description for your package with a link for “View License” that points to and THAT page says NOTHING about requiring a separate Highcharts license. In my opinion, it should.

The text on your main Codeplex page about this important fact is rather tiny and easy to overlook as well.
May 22, 2014 at 1:59 PM
Yes, you are right. The Highstock license information on the home CodePlex page is tiny and it's easy to miss it. Also is not possible to add a customized license in CodePlex license page therefore there is no information about of Highcharts license there. But when someone start working with DotNet.Highcharts is aware that he/she use Highcharts and should take care of there license.