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All Data/Graphs in HighCharts disappear when idle for 10-15 minutes

Hi, We use HighCharts (DotNet.Highcharts.dll) version. Our application has being developed based on ASP.NET MVC. Issue All data/graphs in highcharts will disappear when the PC is idle f...

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Library is not able to handle strings that can have single quote characters

The common use case of this issue is when we enable a chart to be displayed in multiple languages and when one of the series labels contain a single quote character (eg., "Strongly agree" in French...

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Highcharts for .NETCoreApp 1.0

The current NuGet version of Highcharts is not compatible with netcoreapp1.0, I tried to add it to a self-hosted web application and it fails on package restore. Exact error message: Errors in C:\P...

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high chart according to date

I try to display high chart on button click .. data is correctly parsed but when i click on button chart is not display .. how i done this when i click on button then high-chart will be display cod...

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Series colored bullet in the tooltip does not show up when using a custom formatter function.

Hello, I am using a formatter function for the tooltip to customize/format the tooltip content display but whenever i use the formatter function for tooltip I lose the colored bullet in the toolti...

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.SetDrilldown not available in Nuget package

Great job on the implementation of Highcharts for .NET! I added DotNet.Highcharts to my Visual Studio project via NuGet, and it has been tremendously useful. However, I am unable to get .SetDrill...

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Can't set different plot colors for each chart

I have four different charts each with its controller and partialView. I want each chart's plot color to be different so I created a new set of colors in each chart controller : .SetOptions(new Glo...

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Some labels break chart

I ran into a problem where the chart didn't work at all because of a javascript error. This seems to occur with piecharts at least. After some searching and debugging I found out that the problem ...

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Serialization of Number?[] doesn't work

This: new YAxis { TickPositions = new Number?[] { 0,30,60,90,120 }, } is serilized as tickpositions: [,,,,] the mistake is inside JsonSerilizer, beacuse inisde Get...

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highcharts support on ASP.NET 5

when I am using highcharts in new 5 project it did not render absolutely !!! I tried to use different jquery library and also failed !!!

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