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Anyone else have problems with IE11 using jQuery higher than 1.9.1?

Jan 8, 2014 at 1:50 PM
When I'm using IE11 with jQuery higher than 1.9.1 (I tried up to 2.0.3) with the pie chart it comes up with a javascript error that points to jQuery. If I use other browsers (e.g. Chrome, FireFox) there is no problem. If I go back to jQuery 1.9.1 then there is no error using IE11.

If I use the highcharts.js using IE11 with jQuery 2.0.3 it works and does not give me the javascript error.

BTW, the javascript error comes up after the pie chart is generated and you hover the mouse over the chart and when you hover out of the pie chart the javascript error comes up.
Here is a video of it: Video of javascript error happening

I am wondering if anyone has encountered this. if yes, is there a way to work around this?